Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina

Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina
Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina
Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina imagen 2
Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina imagen 3
Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina imagen 4
Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina imagen 5
Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina imagen 6
Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina imagen 7
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12.800 US$
≈ 11.990 €
≈ 12.250.000 CLP
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Marca:  Komatsu
Modelo:  FD70
Tipo:  carretilla de gasolina
Año de fabricación:  2017
Horas de trabajo:  1077 m/h
Capacidad de carga:  9245 kg
Altura de elevación:  3 m
Ancho de la horquilla:  1960 mm
Ubicación:  China Minhang District, Shanghai
Fecha de publicación:  más de 1 mes
Id. de stock del vendedor:  FD70
Velocidad:  30 km/h
Dimensiones totales:  3.5 m × 1.9 m × 2.58 m
Marca:  Komatsu S6D102E
Tipo:  en línea
Potencia:  104.76 Hp (77 kW)
Combustible:  diésel
Consumo de combustible:  5.9 l/h
Número de cilindros:  6
Euro:  Euro 3
Caja de cambios
Tipo:  manual
Estado:  usados
Información adicional
Color:  amarillo

Información adicional — Komatsu FD70 carretilla de gasolina


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3.Good Condition: Although they are second-hand, they are not very bad. Moreover, after the running in of previous use, their operation will become smoother than the original version in some aspects, which means you can use them without running in period. In addition, after we obtained them, our engineers renovated and repaired them, together with daily maintenance, which made them in a very good condition, just waiting for a new owner to restart the engine that is eager to roar again.

4.Reputation Guarantee: our company has been established for more than 20 years and has been focusing on the refurbishment, maintenance and sales of second-hand engineering vehicles, with numerous customers and favorable comments. You can trust us because we have won many honors and certificates in the world. Of course, there are still many people on the Internet who are not trustworthy. So we also welcome you to visit our warehouse in Shanghai, China, to see if what we say is the same as what we say in reality. After seeing the machines all over the mountains and plains, I believe you will not feel disappointed.
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